RIBD021 – Weirdo – Say Yes 2020



  1. Weirdo – Say Yes 2020

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Camelot: 10A



WEIRDO – SAY YES 2020 (RIBD021 TinribDigital)
Release date = 2.2.2020  

Say Yes 2020 is so immense it took almost a year to release! But as you can hear, we are ready to deliver such Cathedral worthy scripture, of Tinrib’s massive 22-year-old vinyl release. (Those spinning round discs.)

After six months in the monastery, Weirdo has completed the latest scripture, updating his masterpiece from 1998, Say Yes (If You Understand Me?), was written to raise clown nipple hairs for those who believe in the ways of the Weirdo’s euphoric sound, causing hair loss havoc from rushes across the land, where we embraced Monk dressed ravers flocking to our Superfish! events in London.

Another six months saw 2020 in, with Weirdo’s art presented in its best form possible, and the final master the focus. Pirate HQ’s big sound is back, and we were able to select the ultimate piece of sonic art.

If you understand us, please Say Yeth by showing appreciation and sharing such good news with all our Tinrib church-going rave fiends. Why knot go overboard?  Throw in a free 🤡 or 2. Your support will keep us in motion.

Without further ado, we present to you, the one and only High Priest of the Church of Tinrib, Weirdo with RIBD021: “Say Yes 2020” (If You Understand Me?)

Camelot: 10A

Same key as/ mixes with:

Join us at the Tinrib’s Clown & Anchor Backdoor Tavern (Coming Soon), for the Captain’s Curva Peligrosa Update b4 release!

Available in .WAV format @ Tinrib Digital On Sunday 2nd February 2020.


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