RIBD019A – Weirdo – Mystery Tour 2018

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  1. Weirdo – Mystery Tour 2018 (Original Mix)

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Mystery Tour 2018 (Original Mix)

After discovering the Black Monolith with HAL9000, Elvis, and Dave, we have returned from this future, and are moving back to making music here on earth, beginning with a rebuild of the Tinrib Digital site for 2018 and releasing antiques from our future, starting with Weirdo’s “Mystery Tour 2018” and Captain Tinrib’s “2001 – The Final Frontnose (2018 Black Monolith Remixes)”. Weirdo is with the Captain on the good ship Tinrib Digital, and we shall deliver our antiques from the future again… Riders ready… Here we go..

Mystery Tour 2018 is an updated rework from the High Priest of the Church of Tinrib himself, looking back toward Weirdo’s original mix back in 2000 on Tinrib Recordings, which featured on his huge debut album, Imintouchwithyourworld. But do we have such magic again? Well of course it’s a yes sailors, Weirdo delivers the hair raising, goose bump key changes we all remember him by, in this unique psychedelic Hard Trancer that crosses multiple genres of today’s harder beats. Weirdo is a true artist, painting his picture of sounds, how he wants it to sound, delivering both clown worthy gritty synth saw sections that could tear you in two, into the euphoric chords and magic we expect from the master of the keys. It’s time for all nice children, to ready themselves for a journey, and go on a Mystery Tour once more.

Arrrrggghhh there no places left on board?… Once we sea Weirdo’s Mystery Tour 2018 first ride cleanly underway, Captain Tinrib will be picking up further sailors requesting a boarding pass, with the follow up Mystery Tour 2018 Update.

For full artist support and exposure, we are releasing exclusively for two weeks on Beatport on 23-9-2018! Support our High Priest that is Weirdo, and help get this magnificent release charted on Beatport!

Available in .WAV format @ Tinrib Digital On Sunday 7th October 2018.
Show ye appreciation and support = More incentive to go again!!!

2 reviews for RIBD019A – Weirdo – Mystery Tour 2018

  1. Captain T

    What a track to return with!

  2. Kristian

    Awesome track nice psy vibe going down too 🙂

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