RIBD011 – Captain Tinrib & Disturbed – Shut The F*ck Up & Something Heavier



  1. Captain Tinrib & Disturbed – Shut The F*ck Up
  2. Captain Tinrib & Disturbed – Something Heavier



Monsterous Filth Alarm Alert: Yer Sea Dog has teamed up with New Zealand NRG Filth DJ Master Disturbed (aka Tic Jermyn.)  Shut The Fuck Up: Welcome to relentless pounding Hard NRG Rock Filth. Gritty synths control the mids, techno police sirens warn ya whats comin,’ fierce upfront vocals are tellin’ ya how its got to be, with the most enormous bassline you’re gonna fit into any speaker’s space!  Thats b4 the main synth line comes in!! Look out….. Here comes the mosh pit! Something Heavier: If you think the A side was doing it and you’re wondering how ya gonna mix anything else from this, a flip to the AA continues the flurry with even more heaviness, hence of course its name badge. Not for the girly trance lovers.  Full on is definitely the name of the game here clocking in at 155bpm.

Currently on sale @ $100 a digital download cos its so good, dirty, heavy and such a digital collectable!

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