RIBD003 – Weirdo – Phantasm & Innerspace



  1. Weirdo – Phantasm
  2. Weirdo – Innerspace



The return of Tinrib also means the return of our mighty Weirdo. We be waiting for many a year now me hearties. Our day, it be come as we ashored ye. Weirdo has been summoned, the voyage has begun, Weirdo’s Phantasm Ghost Ship be settin’ sail from ol London Town, for the quest and adventure, thru the seven seas of Tinrib Digital World. Phantasm it be, the 1st installment of our Ghost ship adventurwhore. Weirdo’s boat be prepared, his crew have pulled anchor and straight to full sail out o’ harbour, this be what they plays while them there ghosts sneak thru the motherlands radar…. out 2 the open sea…. They see no ghosts… They see arrrgggh Phantasm……. This is the start of our story with more to come. Weirdo is at the helm for this amazing track to build your set to the crazy stuff. The beginning of the Ghost ship saga. Hard driving progressive trance with Weirdo stamped all over it. A perfect release to accompany all those other lil gems in your mix. A swift flick to the AA track, ‘Innerspace’ finds you with the true more swingy hard trance & dance signature of Weirdo’s other side! Enjoy.

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