Best Of Tinrib – 1996 -2002 – Mixed By Captain Tinrib


Track Listing:

  1. Captain Tinrib – Manta (The Future Of Rock ‘N Roll Mix)
  2. Signum – What U Got 4 Me? (Captain Tinrib Mix)
  3. Captain Tinrib – 2001 – The Final Frontnose
  4. Captain Tinrib & The Nun – Work It Out
  5. The Captain & Steve Thomas – Get Down 2000
  6. Captain Tinrib – Blue Oyster (Captain Tinrib Remix)
  7. The Captain & Steve Thomas – Snap
  8. The Captain & Steve Thomas – The Leader
  9. The Captain & Steve Thomas – Turn Da Muzik Up
  10. Captain Tinrib – Mackerel (Original Mix)
  11. Captain Tinrib – Coke, ‘Cos I Learn To Cope
  12. Fierce Base – I Thank You Elvis
  13. D.R. Base vs. Karim – N.W.A.
  14. The Captain & RR Fierce – Street Tab
  15. The Captain & Karim – Show Them We Can Do This
  16. The Captain & Karim – I’ve Got Ya
  17. Weirdo – Photic Zone
  18. Weirdo – Curva Peligrosa (Unreleased Mix)
  19. Weirdo – The Other Side (Captain Tinrib Rework)

Total Frying Time On Full Version: 79:10m

ALL CDs are now in .wav with 320k .MP3 included.



This is IT! The ULTIMATE Tinrib CD.

The Captain’s got his tackle out again! And he’s reeled in his fattest catch yet – a Great White of a CD with a bite to match! It’s the biggest, the baddest, the Muther of all Tinrib CDs. This is the ULTIMATE, the DEFINITIVE collection of Tinrib chewns ever released. From every corner of the globe YOU & your fellow Ribbers inundated us with your Top Ten perfect Rack Of Ribs & now the votes are in & the result is the choicest cuts – the finest platter of quality cod that puts Harry Ramsden to shame. Served up for your delectation are cuts from the Captain of The Kippers (of course), from the High Priest Of Trance, Weirdo; the harder-than-yer-husband Karim; Steve ‘Handbag Full Of Hoovers’ Thomas; & of course the greatly missed RR Fierce. Plus The Captain’s mix of Signum’s legendary ‘What Ya Got 4 Me’. You picked. We mixed. Woolies eat your heart out. Tinrib’s in town!


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