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We are proud to present the new, eagerly awaited second album : ‘Normalisation’ by our exclusive artist; Weirdo. The album will be released on 2 formats. The CD is mixed by Weirdo and features every track released on vinyl since ‘I’m In Touch With Your World.’ The accompanying 3 x 12’ Vinyls (RIB055/56/57) are the 6 unheard & unreleased tracks from the album. With the dexterity of a master he manages to fuse elements of trance, hard house, NRG and old skool to create something truly unique and utterly powerful. His music is instantly recognisable, yet never the same, and with it he has built a following of DJs and clubbers alike that borders on maniacal! This is the first of three special edition vinyl EPs, with their own packaging to tie in with the CD release, featuring all six of the previously unreleased tracks from the CD album.

Disc One tracks consist of:

A. Afterworld – OH YES! It’s vintage! Driving trance with those chord changes & filters that you know will make you stand there in the middle of the dance floor letting it wash over you, sending those shivers down your spine. Then kicking back in for a damn fine stomp! 8:41m @ 145 bpm

AA. Diskotek – As always we try & bring you something different, yet complimentary on the flip. Variety is the spice of life & all that. As the title suggests our man Weirdo has got the groove. It’s fresh n funky & perfect for those opeining sets where you gotta lure those clubbers away from the bar & on to the dancefloor. 8:55m @ 145 bpm

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1 review for RIB055 – Weirdo – Normalisation Disc 1 – Afterworld & Discotek

  1. Paul Girdler (verified owner)

    The track itself is 5/5. Classic top-tier Weirdo when he was at the top of his game.
    The problem is the version for sale here has been “updated”, which means that the original “The Afterworld” vocal sample before the drop has been entirely replaced with the sample from The Other Side, a completely different Weirdo track!
    Not only does it not work, but it totally ruins the tune. Honestly cannot understand why this change has been made?? I wish I knew this before purchasing as I thought I was getting the original 2002 version.

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