RIB053 – Captain Tinrib & Steve Thomas – New York, London, Amsterdam & The Clown




The boys are at it again. The Captain & Steve Thomas; producers of such mighty chewns as The Leader & Get Down have produced another stonking release for Tinrib. The tracks are on 2 different tips but drop ‘em at the right time and they’ll be equally as devastating, as proved at their recent unveiling at FISH!

A. New York, London, Amsterdam Tried & tested on the dancefloor at FISH! and believe me it WENT OFF! Starting out as a full on fusion of thumping beats, echoey old skool stabs, funk guitar and electro bleeps. At the break the boys shift it up a gear as an almighty raging trance riff steamrollers yer senses into absolute aural mayhem!
8:04m @ 145 bpm

AA. The Clown – The flip is an altogether different story. No big euphoric build ups, no tuneful little melodies. Just pure unadulterated relentlessness on a techno tip. We love it – different but blistering all the same.
7:21m @ 145 bpm

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