RIB042 – The Captain & Karim & The Captain & Steve Hill – Good 4 That Bitch & The Perculator



  1. The Captain & Karim – Good 4 That Bitch (145bpm)
  2. The Captain & Karim – Good 4 That Bitch (150bpm)
  3. The Captain & Steve Hill – The Perculator



This is the fourth installment of the FISH EP’s where the Captain gets in the studio with a couple of FISH! residents to come up with a treat to spin out the dancefloors of our club night FISH! @ Crash in Vauxhall. Side A sees the original terrible twosome – The Captain & Karim hooking up for the first time in over a year to produce another hoover monster with a f**ked up twist. The flip is the result of the first pairing of The Captain and Steve Hill, who have come up with what has to be the FISH! theme. (Check the vocal – off the wall or what!)

A – Good 4 That Bitch – The bass in this tune gallops along like a day at Aintree, only to be intruded upon by the squelchy old MS20 & a hoover crashing through like a slap round me (perfect) face! The break is twisted as all hell and wait – can you hear voices, I hear helicopters, and more hoovers – aaaagh! Insanity awaits! 7:50m @ 145 bpm

AA – The Perculator – A slightly lighter track full of funky drums, a great off beat bassline with a viciously biting 303. A haunting riff creeps up giving way to a trancey break which fries right on through to the end. A fishy delight. 8:26m @ 145 bpm

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