RIB034 – Opal – Hoover Groover & Long & Hard



  1. Opal – Hoover Groover
  2. Opal – Long & Hard



This is the first release on Tinrib Recordings by the artists Opal, better known as DJ Oberon and production partner Paul Harding. DJ Oberon made his name as a resident at two of London’s biggest and most famous trance nights; Escape From Samsara, and Destination Venus. He and his production partner Paul Harding have already released on Chug N Bump, as well as on the trance label Tebleate under the name Omega Point. But for these two tunes the pair have put on their pinnies, dusted down their Electrolux and hoovered it up in the the good old Tinrib style.

The tracks consist of:

A. ‘Hoover Groover’ – This track is exactly what it says it is. Funky beats and some great cowbell action gives way to a barrage of hoovers arranged in a riff that is just too hard to resist. The scarey break threatens to the brink of a nervous breakdown, and then wehey! there go the hoovers again! 6:44m @ 145 bpm

AA. ‘Long ‘n Hard’ – Opal speed it up to maximum intensity with a dirty 303 over a rattling underscore. This mix is darker, harder and more f**ked up – and the hoovers still ‘av it! 7:18m @ 150 bpm

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