RIB017 – Captain Tinrib & Pete Wardman – Drag Pusher & Bimbobop



  1. Captain Tinrib & Pete Wardman – Drag Pusher
  2. Captain Tinrib & Pete Wardman – Bimbobop



Captain Tinrib has teamed up with Pete Wardman (Kiss FM/ Sherbet/ Trade) in a joint project for yet another cunning AA- side Tinrib release.

The tracks consist of:

A. Drag Pusher – Stupid, funny, mad – you name it, it’s all here! With yet another massive break taking all those Drag Pushers right to the top when it cuts back in! As the title suggests, it has the sleaziest vocals you’ll find. If you’ve got it flaunt it – don’t be shy now! Tried & tested at Trade and on Kiss FM. 7:45m @ 145 bpm

AA. Bimbobop -A flip to the back takes you to the harder side of the single. Loads of percussion & funky bass with totally crazy vocals doing the Bimbobop! A more complex chordy tune held down by one of those kicks that cuts right through. 303 Alert! – they just get harder as the track unfolds taking those silver boxes up to the top. Get those Disco dappers out and join us for the Bimbobop! 7:11m @ 150 bpm

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