RIB015 – Captain Tinrib & RR Fierce – Street Tab & Progressive Llama



  1. Captain Tinrib & RR Fierce – Street Tab
  2. Captain Tinrib & RR Fierce – Progressive Llama
  3. Mystery Bonus MP3!



The Captain & RR Fierce (the artists formerly known as Fierce Base) are back once again for yet another Tinrib discotheque stunner! This single was written when we were fresh out from a club and these are the tracks that they were missing that night!

The tracks consist of:

A. Street Tab – Another intense Tinrib style release on more of a serious Techno/Trance tip. A solid beat accompanies the bass and has one of the most intense breaks to date. We tested it out at our club (FISH! @ the Soundshaft) and the whole club was shouting when the track kicked back in after the break – even though no-one had heard it before! A sure sign of a monster chewn. 6:29m @ 145 bpm

AA. Progressive Llama – Definite Techno stomper with an extremely distorted main hook sound. You certainly know about it when this chewn comes in. Never fear the Llamas are here! 7:06m @ 148 bpm

Check Out M8 magazine’s review page – RIB015 is The Record Of The Month!

Big respects to the late Johnnie Fierce – This was our finest hour! 🙂

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