RIB002 – Captain Tinrib & Karim – Anaconda, Piranha, & Funky Baseman



  1. D.R.Base & Karim – Anaconda
  2. D.R.Base – Piranha
  3. D.R.Base – Funky Baseman



D.R. Base vs. Karim – ‘Anaconda’ D.R. Base – ‘Piranha’ D.R. Base – ‘Funky Baseman’ Record Reviews: ‘Anaconda/ Piranha’ RIB02 (Tinrib U.K.) O.K, let’s get one thing straight. Bouncy, Happy Trance is music that gets a party going – there’s no question about that. It’s predictable enough for the mainstream and if that means getting some people into Techno at the end of it all, then that’s fine by me. That’s why Tinrib, which follows the same line of Trance, is so useful. It’s worked at every place I’ve played at. (Mark EG – Eternity magazine) N.B. This Single was snapped up by Sony Dancepool in France. Definitely a top release!

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