DHG04 – N.O.K. – Movin House & The Nuns Habit




Release number 4 from Dirty House Grooves features two tracks from N.O.K. (The Captain & Steve Thomas), ‘Movin House’ and ‘The Nun’s Habit’. Yet again proving that you just can’t think that you know what to expect from this label.

On the A side there is vocal hardhouse in the NOK tradition but turn it over and the boys have gone for something completely new & unexpected. A. Movin House – The summer’s here & the NOK boys have come up with a tune that bounces along, conjouring up images of sun, fun & street parties. The horns can’t fail to raise your blood pressure & give you a rush, they tease you right until you can’t take no more & then… It’s time to get out there & PARTY!
7:20m @ 138bpm

AA. The Nun’s Habit – They’ve kept it cheeky on the flip, but from a completely different angle. A filtered disco drum loop sneaks up into a bouncey bassline with great snare action & an edgey dutch riff. This is infectious, funky, chipper tech-house.Try it, you just mite like it.
6:06m @ 138bpm


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