Nine | Techno Tales From The Deep – Captain Tinrib 2019
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After completing Paintings Of Sound for Paul’s Flight, I wanted to go a bit darker and prepared to embark on a Techno mix style Fry Up from my collection over the years. I do miss the Techno events back in the worlds of old, with it almost non-existent here in New Zealand. 

Nine is the theme from music that this forked off from, JungleTechno. Our night of Techno was most Thursdays at Carl Cox’s Velvet Underground event in London. There are of course a few crazy Ivans in there, I am Captain, it’s expected. It includes a few unreleased Captain numbers that I felt would sit (Madagascar & G&T Rave Up, which I only ever performed live – 10 years ago now). Bootlegging, wrecking, and remixing tracks of many genres in my collection, that I felt deserved an appearance in this darker and more severe Techno Groove. I especially enjoyed salvaging and remixing the 25-year-old tracks in the last 15 mins or so, a real challenge to make these perfect tracks sit 20 bpm slower in a Techno Beat. There was also a live drum and 303 channel over this three-hour journey, and after listening through a couple of times, felt best left pure, and we save these busier skirmishes for the party!

Kaa – My first ever vinyl record was the Jungle Book, so finally I got to mix Kaa into a Techno mix 40 years later. I hope you enjoy this adventure. Hypnotising snake eyes that may change where your journey ends. ⚓

Captain Tinrib of Port Motueka. New Zealand. x

Respect to the Baron, Dave Clarke, Pan-Pot, Jeff Mills, Joseph Capriati, Charlotte de Witte, Umek, Hollen, Madonna, ABBA, The Prodigy (RIP Keith), Ramon Zenker, Kaiserdisco, Spektre, Richie Hawtin, Thomas Krome, Pete Lazonby, Slam, Kevin Saunderson, Carl Cox, David Granha, Rod Malmok, Underworld, Drunken Kong, Christian Smith, Jay Lumen, Pfirter, Stephan Bozin, Adam Beyer, Oliver Huntermann, Thomas Schumacher, Blurry Face of 21 Pilots, Bloodhound Gang, all the Pussies and Clams of Suara Barcelona, Boris Brejcha, ANNA, Praja Kahn, Perfect Stranger, Mandala, Emmanuel Top, Thomas Heckmann, Max Alien, the proud veteran Rave “Let Down” Dandall, Robbie Glass, King Julian of the Tasman, and all that keep our world of underground art alive. Manipulation of sound frequency is my happy place.

And it’s not all roses, that’s all lotuses. But something very mysterious is happening here, Darius, you can see, every one of them, from almost every country, from every religion, and no one teaches them to be tolerant, and no one teaches them to respect the other’s religion. These things are simply not talked about, and still, nobody is intolerant. In fact, nobody thinks in terms of the other is other. This is a totally different vision. My approach is that you have to drop – not to imbibe a certain synthesis, manipulated, man-made – the whole life of the American way of life and the Chinese way of life. “I am a Hindu, Mohammedan, Parsi, Sikh.” You are just a human being! Maybe your colour is different – so what? Different colours, different flowers. Your hair is different – good! It makes life more worth living, more interesting. The variety gives richness.” – Osho.

“Trust in me, just in me, Shut your eyes, trust in me, You can sleep, Safe and sound, Knowing I… Am around, Slip into silent slumber, Sail on a silver mist, Slowly and surely, Your senses Will cease to resist, Just relax, Be at rest, Like a bird, In a nest. Trust in me, just in me, Shut your eyes, trust in me.” – Kaa. The Jungle Book.