1. RIBD021 - Say Yes 2020 Weirdo 2:49
  2. RIBD020 - Quantum Cupra 2:16
  3. RIBD019A - Mystery Tour 2018 Weirdo 3:19
  4. Curva Peligrosa 2018 - (Captain Tinrib Live Update) Weirdo & Captain Tinrib 7:14
  5. RIBD018 - 2001 - (2018 Black Monolith Elvis Edition) Captain Tinrib & Weirdo 3:50
  6. RIBD010 - Fishy Situations Omega 3 8:32
  7. RIBD017 - The Kraken (Extended Mix) Captain Tinrib 6:49
  8. RIBD004 - Rampage (2005) Captain Tinrib & The Leprechauns 7:38
  9. RIB015 - Street Tab (1997) Captain Tinrib & Johnnie Fierce 6:27
  10. History Of Tinrib Part 1 - 1995-2000 Tinrib Artists - Mixed By Captain Tinrib 1:00:02
  11. History Of Tinrib Part 2 - 2000-2004 Tinrib Artists - Mixed By Captain Tinrib 1:01:37
  12. History Of Tinrib Part 3 - 2004-2008 Tinrib Artists - Mixed By Captain Tinrib 1:03:50
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Captain Tinrib

Captain Tinrib

Your Infamous Scurvy Dog's Tall Stories and Tales from the Deep!

Take Me Down to Pirate HQ:

Captain Tinrib Bio

After discovering the Black Monolith with HAL9000, Elvis, and Dave, we have returned from this future, and are moving back to making music here on earth, beginning with a rebuild of Tinrib Digital, releasing some antiques from our future, starting our High Priest Weirdo’s – Mystery Tour 2018, and Captain Tinrib’s – 2001 The Final Frontnose (2018 Black Monolith Remixes).

Eye trust the early 90s and pirate tales of old have been read on the ‘About Us – Tinrib Story’ page? These kind words were written by fellow reviewers and scribes, then merged into a single tall story. Our good chap John Nutter also assisted with our memories on the ‘Omega 3 – Artist Page’, and in some areas knows more about it than us lol! Yes, there are a few gaps and I’ll do my best to fill them all in when time permits. We have a lot to do with this sudden return to earth. 🙂

To summarise recent times, the past 15 years have seen me move to New Zealand, deal with an unexpected earthquake, then relocate to a paradise here in the Abel Tasman, and when time permits, returning every few years for a month tour overseas. 

My love of electronic music from the late 80s onwards finds me skirmishing with many more accepted genres of music at arrrggghhh local shindigs, seeing of course, my 303 acid lines eased in with 909 beats, and the notorious Tinrib Live sound delivered over the top when the southern cross aligns!
We are more than ready here in Port Motueka New Zealand, and there will be a wider range of sounds to come. We have the location here at Pirate HQ, and about to build the music space for our magic to be turned into sound again.

Please understand this will all come in waves when time and finances permit, I have many more responsibilities outside the Tinrib Story in 2018, and judging by social media feedback, there is no rush as the tracks we wrote over 20 years ago still stand the test of time. Blah Blah… More to follow… Website & Music first, EGO’s later lol. ?

Captain Hoof? Who is this Captain guy?


Hard House Raver - A documentary of Hard House - Made by Fans

Hard House Raver - A Story of Hard House40m

Hard House Raver

A documentary from the Captain of the Flying Dutchman, David Hilberink

Ye may have know idea what this madness could be about (it has been known eye tell ye), here’s a video of our story told by fans of our sound in Holland, which I find the perfect way to show such carry on to fellow landlubbers, who may have missed out experiencing this sheltered life at sea!

This is what we did before Facebook!

Other Swashbucklin' Adventures in Motion

Dive Dive Dive...

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Now based in New Zealand, 2018 sees the crew return from the Black Monolith, to continue delivery of the tasty rack of Tinribs.
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