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Omega 3 Hard Dance Legends - Underwater Pranksters

Tinrib Artists


Tinrib Digital Artist - Weirdo (Dom Harding) - Live at HQ - Melkweg - Amsterdam


The High Priest Of The Church Of Tinrib
Captain Tinrib Live At Frantic 21 (2018) - Koko London sailing with Eric Topp Replica U-Boat Captain Hat

Captain Tinrib

...Yer Infamous Swashbucklin' Captain Of Sound
Omega 3 Hard Dance Legends - Electronica Legends

Omega 3

Where can they be? ...forever lost at sea?
Mystery - Tinrib - Artist - 2018


Welcome Home!
Tinrib Digital Logo 2018 - 230px

The notorious underground Electronic Music Record label Tinrib Recordings, Dirty House Grooves & Tinrib Digital run by the infamous swashbuckler, Captain Tinrib.
Now based in New Zealand, 2018 sees the crew return from the Black Monolith, to continue delivery of the tasty rack of Tinribs.
More History.

Captain Vapour E-Liquid NZ
Just because you are still smoking doesn't mean its too late.
Captain Vapour delivers, even with the impossible.


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