1. RIBD021 - Say Yes 2020 Weirdo 2:49
  2. RIBD020 - Quantum Cupra 2:16
  3. RIBD019A - Mystery Tour 2018 Weirdo 3:19
  4. Curva Peligrosa 2018 - (Captain Tinrib Live Update) Weirdo & Captain Tinrib 7:14
  5. RIBD018 - 2001 - (2018 Black Monolith Elvis Edition) Captain Tinrib & Weirdo 3:50
  6. RIBD010 - Fishy Situations Omega 3 8:32
  7. RIBD017 - The Kraken (Extended Mix) Captain Tinrib 6:49
  8. RIBD004 - Rampage (2005) Captain Tinrib & The Leprechauns 7:38
  9. RIB015 - Street Tab (1997) Captain Tinrib & Johnnie Fierce 6:27
  10. History Of Tinrib Part 1 - 1995-2000 Tinrib Artists - Mixed By Captain Tinrib 1:00:02
  11. History Of Tinrib Part 2 - 2000-2004 Tinrib Artists - Mixed By Captain Tinrib 1:01:37
  12. History Of Tinrib Part 3 - 2004-2008 Tinrib Artists - Mixed By Captain Tinrib 1:03:50
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About Us – The Tinrib Story

The Tinrib Story...

About Us

Take Her Down...

The Tinrib Story

Since before Hard House was Hard House, and they called it ‘Hardbag’, there have been a few names synonymous with this harder, energetic style of dance music. Undoubtedly one of them is Captain Tinrib – a true hard house powerhouse, with a penchant for all things nautical, and a very interesting dress sense (Hawaiian shirts, skiing goggles and protective red helmet?!). He released his first track way back in 1991 (‘Nuclear Powered E.P.’ under the Morphasis guise), and it was in 1995 that he set up his now legendary Hard NRG imprint Tinrib Recordings. At that time he went under the name of D.R. Base, and the first release on Tinrib had a collaboration with French producer called Karim Lamouri on one side called ‘Barracuda’, and the skipper’s ‘Funky 303’ on the other. Little did he know that it would grow into one of the most respected and popular labels in hard house history.

Over the next 7 years, the label amassed momentum with dozens of all-time classics in 60 releases on vinyl & 13 CD albums. Captain Tinrib & RR Fierce’s recently remixed ‘Street Tab’ (7 years on and the original still stands the test of time), incredibly talented producer Weirdo with amazing hard trancers such as ‘Curva Peligrosa,’ ‘Photic Zone’ and ‘I Know A Plaice’, and Captain Tinrib’s cheeky ‘Blue Oyster,’ ‘Manta’ and ‘2001’ amongst others. The label catered for the tough, banging sounds of Hard Dance, with the occasional slices of highly uplifting hard trance. Sister label Dirty House Grooves was set up to provide the market with slower, funkier material, somewhere between funky house and hard house (in an Untidy Dubs sort of vein). Six volumes of the ‘Fish Tales’ compilation series were released on CD to showcase the label’s sound, and Weirdo produced two excellent artist albums for the label to critical acclaim.

Tinrib is a name that has well and truly stamped its mark upon the hard dance scene … there isn’t a hard dance enthusiast alive that hasn’t heard of the genre defining Tinrib label or witnessed the Captain’s live experience. For seven spellbinding years from 1995 through 2002 Tinrib Recordings pumped out the hard stuff to the ever-hungrier masses.

The Skipper took a much deserved 2 year break from his Fishy Tales… and when he did come back, I think most people would agree it was with a bang. He produced the odd tune and remix (including a VC remix for Max – The Alien Thing’s, ‘Beaver Express’) prior to signing up with Paul Glazby’s infamous Vicious Circle label to knock out three of the best, it was perhaps these same three tunes, ‘The Great Gatsby’, ‘Acid Gate Scandal’ with Max Alien Whore and ‘Found What We’re Looking For’, with Dynamic Intervention that really said, ‘here I am, I’m back!’

A more recent offering to the hard dance world is the Captain Tinrib/Sol Ray collaboration of ‘Attack Of The 50ft DJ’ on Tidy Trax, which has been doing some serious dancefloor damage with it’s twisted synths and phat bass-lines… And if you liked this tune, then we can let slip that 3 mixes of the follow-up, ‘Amsterdamage’ (also a Tinrib/Sol Ray collaboration) are set for imminent release. Other tracks to check: Captain Tinrib & Frank Farrell – ‘Get Lost,’ a huge release on Vicious Circle, Captain Tinrib & Dave Randall’s Techno project – ‘The Jackpot’ on Andy Farley’s ‘Blue Cubed. He has loads of unreleased material including… The Captain & the Leprechaun Project’s – ‘Rampage,’ ‘The Whole Shit House,’ ‘The Scream’ & ‘You Did It.’ any many more which he keeps up his sleeve to make his Live Shows original, there are many tracks he keeps for himself and for those who attend one of his gigs.

The Captain set off on his perilous voyage, over the seven seas from the UK, and landed on the beaches of Christchurch. He built his new ‘Shipyard’ (Sound Studio,) on the soils of New Zealand. Captain Cook would be proud!!

More to follow…. Like what happened next? Need to know more sailor? Try Omega 3, the Captain Tinrib DJ Mixes page to hear other carry on, then the Captain Tinrib Artist page!


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The notorious underground Electronic Music Record label Tinrib Recordings, Dirty House Grooves & Tinrib Digital run by the infamous swashbuckler, Captain Tinrib.
Now based in New Zealand, 2018 sees the crew return from the Black Monolith, to continue delivery of the tasty rack of Tinribs.
More History.

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