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Record Label Artwork, Tinrib Digital, Tinrib Recordings, Hard Dance Music Label Image, Electronic Music Label Artwork, Tinrib Digital TXT Logo 2018 Yer Captain's Home Of The Notorious Tinribizer! Welcome To The Docks Of Port Tinrib Digital ⚓ Antiques From The Future - Est. 1995 ⚓
Take Me Down Skipper...
RIBD021 - Tinrib Digital - Weirdo - Say Yes 2020 Record Cover

Weirdo - Say Yes 2020Release Date: 02-02-2020

OUT NOW on TinribDigital

20° Down To Bottom...
RIBD020 - Cupra - Quantum - Tinrib Digital - Facebook

Cupra - QuantumOUT NOW on Tinrib Digital...

OUT NOW on TinribDigital

20° Down To Bottom...

2018 - Tinrib Digital Latest News

After discovering the Black Monolith with HAL9000, Elvis, and Dave, we have returned from this future, and are moving back to making music here on earth, beginning with a rebuild of this Tinrib Digital site for 2018 and releasing some antiques from our future, starting with Weirdo’s – Mystery Tour 2018 and Captain Tinrib’s – 2001 The Final Frontnose (2018 Black Monolith Remixes).

Should arrrgghhh notorious Tinribizer sounds and antiques rise again? The Captain and our friends have never, and will never give up our souls to any retirement carry-on. We love sailing sounds, and underground music creation is, and will always be, part of us. Dead Men Tell No Tales.

The past 10 years, after the Skipper’s move to New Zealand, saw a month’s tour overseas most years (as time permits), also carrying out local DJ skirmishes of other styles of music, with the Tinrib Live sound over the top. We are more than ready here in Port Motueka, New Zealand, and there will be a wide range of music to come. We have the location here at Pirate HQ, and we are about to build the music space for our magic to be turned into sound again.

Pirate HQ Rave Barn - The New Recording Space Project

Pirate HQ Backyard

Pirate HQ Backyard

This is the place where we arrrgghh building the new recording space!

Captain Tinrib Background

My music began as a hobby back in 1993, which by 1995 had become a business, and Tinrib Recordings was formed. Over time our pioneering sound became more mainstream and while we could stay and steer this way, we continued pushing the boundaries of our sound. Looking back, it was while it was more of a hobby that was the most fun. As a business, there was a need to make tracks to pay for the music studio, make new products, cover “research” bills, and ongoing business costs – which all detract from the natural flow of making music. Its a tough balance eye tell ye.

As you may know, I have continued to perform throughout the years, creating special releases, for anyone who enjoys such carry-on, to download for free. These showcase the special parts for my live tours that I perform as Captain Tinrib. Now I’m in my glory years, it now takes around a month to prepare for a skirmish of performances when touring overseas – I have to be at one with all the possibilities of my available sounds on board, and of course love it. If you love it, you can hear it in the performance. I’m still unable to stop myself purchasing the latest equipment each time I do this. Lol, the excuse – with a Captain’s reputation at stake I must deliver to the best of my ability, such weaponry is needed to encourage such excitement with sound!

Thanks to all the promoters who give me the opportunity to perform on stage so I can share the latest madness and tales from afar, engaging our party pirates across the lands.

Tinrib Digital 2018

We plan to deliver all arrrrghhh latest releases for free, but right now we need assistance to build a music space for the continuation of the Tinrib Digital dream. Our recent relocation to Paradise means another studio build, the fourth offical Tinrib studio, and our very best yet. I’ve kept my grunty Genelec audio monitoring systems, and acquired a Rave Barn, with firepit and a 1972 Bedford coach to take a break in. The construction is going to cost way more than our ‘free artist’ underground music scene of today could pull in, and I want this happy music space to function towards a hobby-state, that others can also enjoy, rather than a music business with paperwork and strings attached (your Captain has too much going on!!!).

ALL NEW TRACKS WILL BE DELIVERED ACROSS as many Digital Music Outlets as possible at the outlet’s default price. This is to enable global artist exposure and potential Tinribizer enthusiasts who are lost at sea, with a beacon to find arrrggghhh lighthouse if they decide to head on in. ALL MP3 versions WILL END UP FREE AFTER A COUPLE OF MONTHS RIGHT HERE ON TINRIB DIGITAL.

What does this mean for the current RACK OF TINRIBS?

As discussed on the TinribDigital Facebook page and new TinribDigital Facebook Community, we are switching to .WAV versions for all our singles, with artwork and the highest 320kbps .MP3 versions. Other plans include an HMS SSD Ship in a Bottle of our complete works, and could we see any more vinyl releases or picture disks? Who knows? This would be down to you!

Tracks on Tinrib Digital will continue to be delivered at minimal cost (as they have been for the past 10 years) All sales assist in both paying for this website and helping to fund our newest (and best yet) studio space, so we can continue to deliver more future-historical music documents for your enjoyment.

Over the next year I will convert all .MP3 historical documents over to free, giving everyone who finds the Pirate HQ Beacon the chance to enjoy our work.

My Pirate Crystal Ball foretells of worthy Tinrib enthusiasts leaving a Thank You Donation (resulting from any recent good fortune – no questions asked) – a balancing of the scales for your Captain’s past and future efforts in delivering such sonic enjoyment.

New Recording Space - The Future

This magnificent space is being built with our large studio speakers – arrrgghh 1024C Genelec monitors – soffit mounted within walls filled with sound proof laundered money (*jokes). This design means more space, and a perfect bottom that requires minimal room adjustment on its voyage into sound. We’re also including a Live Recording space to capture our talented local live artists’ magic, (doubling as a sin bin for the over excited), and by popular request, a dance floor will be provided for cutting lose, and spinning right round to our Advanced Beats from the Deep!

With building commenced on International Talk Like A Pirate Day (Sept 15th), we now need to rustle up booty for; a huge beam (mast!), concrete flooring (to hold ‘er down), a ridiculous amount of sound insulation (to be at one with the neighbours), flooring and walling. Then its time for the Port’s finest wood sculptor, so we feel like we are in a galleon.

**We Are Using As Much Recyclable Products As We Can Locally Find, But With It Being A Bit Of A Rarer Build – A Sound Space In A Rave Barn That Looks Like A Ship – Some Parts Will Need To Be Acquired With Pieces Of Eight.

The Ribs Have Arrived - The New Recording Space Foundations

The New Tinrib Music Foundations have Arrived!

The New Tinrib Music Foundations have Arrived!

We Need Your Help!

We Need Your Help!

I never be askin’ for support with pieces of eight to complete a sound wave adventure before. I have respect for holding good reputation as a Captain. But with the Tinrib Digital project goal to Give Away our Paintings of Sound for free ‘ere at Pirate HQ, assistance with funding donations/ sound insulation/ wood or steel framing/  arrrggghhh truly appreciated. It is two fold, you’ll also be saving yer Capitan, from his 9 – 5 corporate act fully financing the build, fast tracking the delivery of future historical documents for all. The Omega 3 will be found, and our High Priest of the Church of Tinrib, Weirdo, will take us to the roof with his Davy Jones levitation sea shanties.

We will share tales of this journey with our Tinrib Digital Facebook Community. We will look for advice, discuss and share progress, with our goal reached faster with your good favour.

Turning to the Pirate Crystal Ball, there are time requirements of my non full-time Rave life to respect, and I predict this will evolve the same way as it gets delivered to our senses, that addicts us to wanting more… Sound, and it will come in waves. Just like Omega 3!  A starboard bow to ye!

Captain Hoof? Who is this Captain guy?

Jon Bell (aka The Captain of All Captains, Captain Tinrib, of Port Motueka, New Zealand.) ⚓

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The notorious underground Electronic Music Record label Tinrib Recordings, Dirty House Grooves & Tinrib Digital run by the infamous swashbuckler, Captain Tinrib.
Now based in New Zealand, 2018 sees the crew return from the Black Monolith, to continue delivery of the tasty rack of Tinribs.
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Help Us Build The New Tinrib Music Space:

Singles are £2 per track and All Mixed Albums £5 in .WAV format. Thanks for supporting Tinrib Digital ⚓

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