If you would like to see something here on the Tinrib Digital site. Please feel free to drop us a comment.

We would like to have all the music up for free. Though we do need to keep a few things afloat.
We’re thinking toward charging a bit for new stuff and dishing out the historical MP3 documents of yesteryear for free!

What are your thoughts?


buzzing about this mate
will you be doing any merchandise?
and a new mix by your good self would be sweeet.

No merchandise at this stage. It was very expensive to send stuff from New Zealand last time around.
We’re here as a hobby to do music again, we’ll see how it pans out.
A new mix is on its way. There will be one just about every month with the new Radio Show…

Ahhh cool. Will this new mix have new material in it?
Can never have enough tinrib mixes :)

Lloyd sanders

Hi I would like to book you for my hard house event in uk pls ??

Nothing planned as yet, next UK visit will be sometime between May and August 2014. Please get in touch later in the year when the trusty Galleon has been prepared for sail.

So exited about these good news, as i adore Tinrib releases and buy one tune each week.
If it will be for free I’ll never put the headphones down ! :)))
Thank you Captain !

A Studio section would be nice, with all the equipment that is used creating your massive sounds :)


Great to see the site back in action! What would I like to see? Right now I’m frantically trying to find a tracklisting for your live-set at Superfish 07, there’s a tune there that’s been rattling around my brain since I heard it… Would be much appreciated – along with other live-sets from yesteryear with tracklistings so I can then buy the tunes! Also, any chance (at all!) of a vinyl pressing of the New Year’s Day remix? I’m pretty sure a modest limited pressing would sell out in a heartbeat… that’s a beautiful tune and it’s a crying shame it hasn’t been pressed onto wax.

Superfish! 7. When everything is migrated I’ll look at porting the old mixes over. Lots to do… NYD – You’d have to ask U2. They own the rights to their own track, I just remixed it for live performances back in the day. A New Years Day in fact! Would be nice though :)

Was sitting in work listening to Fish Tales vol1 on Youtube and then found the website. I would love to hear some more choons like this old album with the hard raw energy and pure creativity. The rhythms, sequences and synths interwined so well in these older tracks etc..

Hi, I would like to see all your old singles and mixes in flac format for free download. Not interested in the new stuff only the old classics :) Cannot find flac of your tunes on any site…

I’m sorry klumsyboy, there is no resource to go through the whole catalogue and flac them. No one else has ears as good as yours :)

hey matey! i would love to see on here…When ya cruzing back o ADELAIDE to bang out a set!????

Wow. Just purchased TechTonic. Flashback to ’98!
See U at Wooferland on august 29!!! Can’t wait..
What i’d like to see/know;
What unit is the Tinribizer? Is it a TC (ultra) maximizer? Or like i heard once a Neve channelstrip?? :-)
And, this always interested me, one old Tinrib release was supposed to be a “Musica Del Futura” remix, right? But there were copyright issues, if i remember correct..
Any chance of getting that tune or at least have a listen to it?
Cheers, Hetto.

Tinribizer version 1 was a plugin. Version 2 was this and a neve channelstrip in a box. (El Boltonio design with blue lights! +26 dBu I believe.)
All part of getting the Tinrib Sound back in the day :)

Musica Del Futura… hmmm. I believe that could have been a bootleg for the late Johnnie Fierce? I don’t think I have the files in the ship’s hold anymore. I’ll take a butchers next time I’m down there.

See you at Wooferland. Can’t wait..

Thanks For the info Jon!!
Always loved the original Musica Del Futuro, so tried hunting that (unreleased) Rib online. Lol.
It was mentioned on the old Tinrib site..
Meanwhile, I need to take Techtonic to a better sound system to have a good listen – the JBL sub in the living room is dead.

The entire weirdo album needs to be remixed by different artists or an entire psy trance rerub. Those melodies are transcendental and that album shouldnt be forgotten to fade into obscurity

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