Ye Pirates be back, but now as a hobby.
I will do my best to keep this site up to date.
Lots to do and no time to do it in! We will find it…

Captain T.


hopefully you will have lots more new tunes coming out then .

All in good time… Much is planned.

legend, look forward to them .

i Like to do some colaboration by email and make some massive crawling and curving low saws and make some totally different things —–aey yyy Captein— i like to Create a Track called
—————Skipper guide true Galaxy with Astral Speed’s and course road pathway Tuning by Sounds and Bitss

Deranged Mouse

Just wanted to say been a fan since ’98! Love what you do and how you do it! Love those huge tracks like N.W.A and Rock The Party! Fucking classics.


Captain tinrib,

Your tunes hit me in the right place.I am almost 40 now and if I want to trance out and feel the geometry of the frequencies,I invariably choose your stuff. I have prized any cd of yours.I stopped enjoying life when I was working too hard.I am rediscovering the healing power of music and I reach for yours.At the same time,rediscovering myself. I do love to buzz.Thanks.Peace and unity.

Just bought RIB007 and 008 and wow Jon the remastered quality is amazing!! Definitely be buying the rest of the pre 98 ones as these were my faves!! Good job

Thanks so much for all you done for us the listeners / DJs. Your music is legendary!

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