G’day captain.
It’s been a long long time. I hope your well and I hope karim is well.
Just sitting in a bar in Brisbane and reminiscing. I miss you all and I wish I could do it again…
Lots of love
Mark kinetic

Can’t even remember how to spell Kinetec records

I’ve been going down memory lane today and it’s been so much fun! The vinyl, the cd’s, the clothes….Such great memories…moved to London in 1999-2000, just in time to be introduced to you guys. Absolute next level badness! Cheers for putting those pictures up! Still have my ladies short sleeve tan Tinrib top right here! I remember Kinetic records very well, I had the big grey record bag from there! Such good days, they were life-changing for me. Please come back west soon, just for another reunion? Please??
Hope you’re all well,

Dimitri Peeters

Any posibility to get the set from Karim from this party? Used to have it but that cd is dead 4 years now :(.

Greetz from Netherlands

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